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First Metaverse Incubator in the Middle East

Help You Launch and Grow Metaverse Projects that will Exceed Your Vision

Let's Take Your Projects to the Metaverse and Web3

From a team that has both disruptive decentralized blockchain expertise and grass-root marketing program running experience, we can help you every step along the way to the Metaverse and, most importantly, we cover your blind spots.

Project Incubation

Full services for Metaverse projects from Project Definition, Tokenomic Design, Planning to Execution, Operation, and Maintenance.

Technology Development

Technical Consulting on all Metaverse technologies: GameFi, DeFi, NFT, DEX, Wallet, and Web developments.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing Planning, Adverting, Promotion, Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Management, Social Group Operations such as Telegram and Discord.

Investments and Crowdfunding

Tradition VC investment, Crowdfunding Campaigns, and Tokens and NFTs insuring and listing.

Exclusive Metaverse Community

Co-working Space and Online Community to connect with Artists, Designers, Engineers, Marketers, Investors, and most importantly, Metaverse Enthusiasts. A strong community that helps each other.

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A Global Metaverse Incubator
in the Middle East
Unprecedented Velocity 
Impeccable Reliability

  • Start with Dubai and serve the UAE and GCC countries then continue to the rest of the world

  • Projects could benefit from the openness in policy and regulation toward technology and innovation in UAE

  • Center location and time zone between Asia and Europe

  • Strong financial and services background as a strong foundation to fund and service international Metaverse projects

  • UAE can be the top Metaverse development center in the world

  • A Metropolitan lifestyle that can attract talents and capital

  • Dubai is an international city that can be the HQ for international projects 

  • So If you are a metaverse Entrepreneur, talk to us and see how we can help you grow

  • If you are a traditional corporation, we can help you with Metaverse innovations

  • If you are a metaverse investor, let’s share deal flows and do some co-investment together

  • If you are a blockchain or web3 engineer, we are always hiring engineers or we can do projects together

Are You Ready to Launch Your Metaverse Projects?

Let us be your strong partner and help you put your seed in Dubai. We can also help you build up the right network and technologies to achieve our business goals.

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