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Dive Into the Metaverse to Immerse Your Audience

Our Services

Project Incubation

Full services for Metaverse projects from Project Definition, Tokenomic Design, Planning to Execution, Operation, and Maintenance.

Technology Development

Technical Consulting on all Metaverse technologies: GameFi, DeFi, NFT, DEX, Wallet, and Web developments.

Overseas Marketing & Sales

Overseas Adverting and Promotion, Marketing Project Planning, Overseas Social Group Operations such as Telegram and Discord.

Investments and Licenses

Tradition VC investment, Crowdfunding Campaigns, and Tokens and NFTs insuring and listing.

We Integrate You with the Metaverse Ecosystem

Help Projects with touchdown services in Dubai, such as getting licenses and office and hiring. Connections with Artists, Designers, Engineers, Marketers, Investors, and most importantly, Metaverse Enthusiasts. A strong community that helps each other.

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