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Our Mission

Make UAE and Dubai The Center of the Metaverse

Our Story

The Biggest Construction Project Now - Metaverse. Companies, FB, Microsoft, Google, and Apple, race to build not the physical world, but the virtual world, the Metaverse. By adding the virtual dimension, it creates an experience that is not limited by the physical world and can help people around the world to have a happier more fulfilling life. It helps companies to reach out to customers in ways that we never imagine before.


Moreover, Tokenization creates an incentive for everyone to contribute and profit from Metaverse, which increases customers' engagements enormously. The race is just started! What are you waiting for?

Our leadership team has both high tech corporation, and building and running startups experience, such as Autonomous Driving Venture, Crypto Exchange, Big Data SAAS, VR Experience Software. We cover all major areas, such as corporate M&A, fundraising, IPOs, R&D, and Operations. We had invested in over 20 startups and achieved around 10X returns.

So our team can help you. If you are a Metaverse Entrepreneur, talk to us and see how we can help you grow. If you are a Traditional Corporation, we can help you with Metaverse innovations. If you are a Metaverse Investor, let’s share deal flows and do some co-investment together. If you are a Blockchain or Web3 engineer, we are always hiring engineers or we can do projects together.

Experienced Leadership

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